10 best travel jobs to earn money when travelling around the world

If the reason you haven’t started exploring your travelling passion is money, then you are in luck. There are many jobs you can do as you travel. They will help you to stop stressing about running out of money or getting stranded in a foreign country. Some jobs don’t require a degree or a course; you only need a good personality and knowing how to interact with people. However, the best-paying travel jobs need skills, time commitment, schooling, and passion. The dude at our Romford house clearance company funded his travelling with part-time photography. Let’s dive in and discuss the ten best travel jobs you can consider to help you achieve your aspirations of travelling the world.

1.    Freelance travel photographer
If you are a talented photographer, this job is for you. With this job, you can use your skills to help other travellers capture unforgettable memories in different parts of the world. All you need is a great digital camera and editing software to help you sharpen the images and make them look more professional. Additionally, you must have a body of work that you can show to prospective clients. You can work on your own or for different travel companies. You can also sell the photos to stock sites or clients like websites, books, magazines, and brand campaigns. Additionally, you can take part in contests and try your luck. The pay depends on the type of assignment you are doing and can range between $1 and $15 for every image. If this is not your cup of tea, how about becoming an animal photographer? This is a fantastic option, especially if you love animals.

2.    Teach English in a foreign language
Are you good at English? If you are, you can consider teaching English in countries where people speak English as a second language. English teachers are in high demand in such countries, and the payment is about $2,000 to $3,000 per month. You can either teach abroad or do it online using your computer. When teaching online, you will use a video streaming app like Skype and must have a college degree. When you teach in a foreign country, you will also need to have a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

3.    Start a blog
Another popular way to earn money when travelling is by blogging and sharing your experiences with your audience. You can earn between $500 and $20,000 each month through your blog. You will make money through influencer projects, affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling items. Besides a travel blog, you can have a blog about anything else that interests you, such as lifestyle, fashion, parenthood, food, and entertainment. However, you need to know that earning money through blogging doesn’t come easy. It will take time, and you must work hard to build a community or audience. You will need to write high-quality content consistently, apply SEO strategies and even market your blog and articles to drive traffic to your site.

4.    Be a local tour guide
Apply for a tour guide job with a global tour company. You can also become a traveller entrepreneur and start your tour company. As a tour guide, you can show people the best restaurants and bars in the area or the best places to surf from, do adventure tours, nature, food, and historical tours, among other things. You can find clients on sites like Viator or GetYourGuide.

5.    Freelance travel writer
If you are a good writer and have a way with words, this is the perfect job for you as a traveler. When starting, you need to work extra hard to get clients and establish your name in the sector. You must treat writing as a business and network widely, do intense marketing, and pitch to editors. Once you get clients, you should meet or exceed their expectations to ensure they will give you work for months or years. You can also write copies for businesses or write articles for travel guidebooks, websites, newspapers, and magazines. You can earn as much as $1 for each work which is a reasonable amount you can survive on and use for travelling.

6.    Doctors programs
If you are a skilled doctor and love travelling, you can work through various programs that allow doctors to work in different parts of the world, such as Doctors Without Borders or Peace Corps. The salary varies depending on the country you work in, but it’s usually about $1,000 monthly. This amount is generally sufficient because you will primarily work in third-world countries. A nurse can also take advantage of a program like WWOOFing and earn almost the same amount.

7.    Flight attendants
Most people assume this job is easy and glamorous. However, it requires you to be a people person and patient because you will always deal with people. You also need to be calm during adversity and be able to handle people with different personalities without losing your temper. You should also be ready to work long hours.

8.    Pilot
To be a pilot, you need to have a commercial license. You will then work hard and rise through the ranks at a small airline that operates short distances around the region. When you have gained ample experience as a co-pilot for several years, the airline can promote you to captain. You should be able to work efficiently during emergencies and communicate appropriately with the crew and staff at the air traffic control towers. If you have ever worked as a pilot in the military, you can also apply to be a commercial airline captain.

9.    Travel agent
The work of a travel agent is to market vacations to ordinary people who don’t want to spend time preparing for a trip. As a travel agent, it will be your duty to arrange transportation, activities, and accommodation and offer advice about destinations. You can start by working for a big travel agency and then go solo after gaining some experience in the industry. You will travel for free to places, so you can know a destination and be able to sell it to potential clients.

10.  Graphic and website design
The world can be your oyster if you are in the creative industry and have graphics and website designing skills. You can become a digital nomad and travel as you work for different clients. You could earn between $1,000 and $4,000 when doing this job on the road. You need to know how to use online platforms and specific software programs, be creative and have a computer. You can also learn programming and create websites for other clients.

Other jobs you can do to earn as a traveller are;
• Yoga instructor
• Scuba-diving instructor
• Cruise ship worker
• Hotel manager or worker
• Interpreter or translator
• International aid worker
• Foreign service officer
• Au pairing
• Bartender
• Travel vlogger
• Farm work
• Street performer or musician
• Day trading or cryptocurrency
• Travelling festival work
• Salesperson
• Register your home with Airbnb
• Dropshipping
• Virtual assistant
• Massage therapist

Final Thoughts
Working while travelling is possible. If you have a passion for travelling, work ethic, experience, and indepth knowledge about some of the jobs here, you can start travelling and earning to sustain yourself on the journey. You can also learn a skills and make a career out of it, such as coding, graphic design, and virtual assistance. There are many free resources and affordable online courses on platforms like skillshare. So, think critically, see what you are good at, and fulfill your travelling dreams.

10 best travel jobs to earn money when travelling around the world
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