The Top 15 Items To Carry In Your Backpack

When traveling away from home, you must carry everything you need to make your life comfortable and safe. Of course, a backpack can’t carry everything you’d wish to carry, but there are certain essentials you can’t do without. Next time when packing your backpack for a trip, don’t forget the following items:

1.  A microfiber towel

Most hotels or hostels don’t provide towels. But when you want to travel light, a microfiber towel will do. It’s small, light, and will never start smelling or getting moldy. The towels are affordable and durable. You can have more than one towel if you wish.

2.  High-quality locks
You need at least two locks to protect your items. For example, you may want to lock your hostel lockers for added security and ensure your backpack is also locked. It’s best to have combination locks to eliminate the need for keys. Purchase TSA-approved combination locks that airport security can open without having to cut the locks to inspect your luggage

3.  Swiss Army Knife
A Swiss Army knife comes in handy for opening cans, cutting cheese, peeling pineapples, or cutting fruits. But before carrying it (or any sharp object), ensure it is allowed by the authorities.

4.  Small toiletry bag
Having all your toiletries in a bag makes you look organized. It’s easier to carry the bag to the bathroom rather than to carry things separately. The bag can carry items like soaps, creams, lotions, toothpaste, etc.

5.  International Power Adapter
An international power adapter is a must-have. The good news is that it has USB ports you can use to charge your GoPro, phones, etc.

6.  A laptop
Today, it isn’t easy to survive without a laptop. Your laptop is the repository for all your documents and allows you to go online. You can even use it to work online as you travel.

7.  A camera
A portable, high-quality camera is the best way to capture memorable events and places as you travel. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to take photos.

8.  An earphone
An earphone can help you enjoy music, play movies, and even learn on the go without disturbing those close to you. If you are traveling far away from home, an earphone is a must-have.

9.  Power Bank
A power bank will be handy when traveling far away from the power grid to keep your tablet or phone powered. Make sure the power bank is drop-proof, dust-proof, and splash-proof.

10. Adventure Gear
If you are traveling for leisure, you need some adventure gear to keep you engaged. For example, you can carry diving, hiking, or camping gear in your backpack.

11. Medicines
If you have a health condition that requires regular medication, don’t forget your medicines at home. You can also carry some over-the-counter drugs just in case you need them for allergies, rashes, flu, stomach problems, or pains.

12. Your Travel Documents
The following travel documents should always be in your backpack:
• Vaccination certificates
• Hotel and lodging reservation confirmations
• Airline tickets
• Credit cards
• Health information
• Driver’s license
• Travel Insurance
• Visa
• Passport
• A document showing the contacts of the person you prefer to be called in case of an emergency
• All prepaid confirmations

13. Coffee maker
You never know when you’ll get thirsty for coffee. A coffee maker is a good companion when traveling. Choose a portable, light, and rugged coffee maker.

14. Multi plug
Most hotels have only one or a few charging outlets. A multiplug is your best bet if you have a lot of electronic equipment to charge simultaneously.

15. First aid kit
A first-aid kit is perhaps one of the most essential item to carry in your backpack, no matter where you go. Ensure the kit is complete. 

Final Thoughts
The above list is not complete; feel free to pack any other item that can make your travel safer and more comfortable. Don’t forget extra clothing, some notebooks, papers, and pens.

The Top 15 Items To Carry In Your Backpack
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